Hi, my name is Mara Cardenas, my spiritual name is Lunara, born and raised in Poza Rica, Veracruz, Mexico.

I am a graphic designer and artist. My work has been developed from editorial design, photography and illustration to teaching. I also have painted since childhood.

I have gone for several stage of training in an ample range of themes, from series of moons due to the strong connection I always have with it, to series of Frida Kahlo in where I have paid tribute to Frida wanting to transform her pain in color and joy. I have also worked in Mexican Art.

My actual work is focused on the subtle, magic, feericos, celestial, spiritual and cosmic worlds. These magical beings come to me through the meditation work and the spiritual growth that I have done throughout my life.

I started channeling Guardian Angels in 2009. Capturing worlds of angels in a canvas or paper, celestial beings form different dimensions, spiritual guides, and beings of nature. Channeling Guardian Angels, magically complemented the work I have been doing over the years. The series of Guardian Angels comes thru, from a spiritual consultation that a person requires me. Then, I channel this information through my heart’s energy and the images I have at the moment I enter in contact with them. After that, I capture their image along with some healing messages in a canvas for the consultant.

Another of my series is “Portraits of the Soul,” a beautiful connection with the higher being of each person. My latest work is “Portals of Healing,” to celestial and magical worlds, “Keys,” to other realms. Coming soon for sale, I have an Oracle with messages from the Guardian Angels.

The predominant techniques in my work are oil and acrylic, both notable for their colorful.

Among of the things I love doing besides painting are meditation, alternative therapies, teaching workshops of awakening and celestial connection techniques.

I hope you find in my artworks a connection to your heart, which is the gateway to these magical worlds.


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Angelical Painting

Soul Portraits